Baby spinach is a versatile salad leaf which works well in various dishes and recipes. The full, succulent taste is especially delicious in salads, vinaigrettes or stir fries. These nitrate-rich leaves are also just good for your health. Spinach is full to the brim with vitamins A, C, B2 and E. It is also a source of calcium and folic acid.


You can recognise chervil by its light green, serrated leaves. The plant has an aniseed flavour which is ideal for various soups and salads. Chervil was originally only found in Russia, but today it’s grown all around the world. And you'll find it at Taste Up growing in our own nurseries. Chervil is related to cicely and rough chervil.

sea lavender

You don't need to use too much salt when cooking as sea lavender already has a salty taste. In Belgium the plant is found in the Zwinvlakte and along the mudflats on the salt marshes in the Netherlands. Given where it grows, it is unsurprising that sea lavender is best combined with produce from the sea: shellfish and fish. But the leaves are also delicious with lamb.

Mesclun Salad

This delicious mixed salad from France consists of various young salad leaves. These might include various types of lettuce, endives, herbs, cabbages, and so on. Fun fact: mesclun without herbs is called 'babyleaf'. This type has a plainer taste.


Root parsley was the symbol of happiness for the ancient Greeks. And it can be for your kitchen too as it is filled to the brim with vitamin C and minerals. The herb is often eaten raw and sometimes chopped finely. Curled parsley has a milder taste than the flat-leaved variety. The leaves are often used as a garnish on cold dishes or soup.

spring onions

Everyone has a different name for this vegetable: scallions, green onions, salad onions or even green shallots. Spring onions slightly resemble leeks and have the same mild flavour, but are smaller and taste somewhat stronger. These vegetables can be used in various vegetable snacks as well as finely chopped in salads, sauces or even in sandwiches.

flat parsley

Flat parsley is not easy to find in the supermarket because in the Low Countries we are used to the curly type. Meanwhile around the Mediterranean Sea - especially in Italy and Spain - flat parsley is the norm. So you can also just say Italian parsley. The flat type has a stronger taste than normal parsley.

common purslane

Common purslane is sometimes known as a forgotten salad. This is completely unfair, as common purslane salad or soup is absolutely delicious. Even better, this salad leaf is also really good for you. 

We grow winter purslane in our own greenhouses and you can recognise it from its tender, diamond-shaped leaves. Meanwhile, summer purslane has somewhat sturdier, oval leaves.


Radishes are part of the brassica family. This vegetable has a sharp, peppery taste which you can make milder by peeling it. You'll often find radishes in soups, potato puree or as a garnish on a green salad. 

Radishes are also not always red. You might come across white and black radishes on your plate. You can buy radishes whole, headed, or with their stem from us.

white radishes

Radishes are not always red. You might also come across a white radish on your plate. White radishes are part of the brassica family just like normal radishes. They also have a similar sharp and peppery taste. So they are ideal for soup, potato purees or as a salad garnish.


Rucola. Arugula. Rocket salad. Many different names for the same salad leaf. Rucola has only been in our supermarkets since the 1980s. Before then the fine jagged salad was grown around the Mediterranean Sea. In Italy, for example. It is a typical Tuscan salad leaf. 
It has a walnut-like and bitter taste which is ideal with Parmesan cheese, tomatoes, other salads and vegetables. Rucola is also rich in vitamin C.


Salicornia, also known as samphire or glasswort, typically has thick tubular stalks. The thicker the stalks, the fresher the plant. It mainly grows on salt marshes by the sea. This gives it its briny taste. 
You can use this typical salty taste to add great variation to salads. Samphire is also delicious with well-seasoned chicken or lamb.

lamb's lettuce

Lamb's lettuce gets its name from its leaves which resemble lamb's ears. Its nutty taste makes it very popular. This salad is also rich in magnesium which helps to reduce your stress levels in no time. It is mainly harvested in winter.

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