Is ginger as healthy as most people claim? And where can I quickly and easily buy fresh ginger? We'll tell you everything you want to know about this popular root. From its benefits to the place where you can buy ginger online.

Ginger... flavor enhancer, box office hit, and remedy. Those who lead a healthy lifestyle know that ginger is a staple on the menu. For thousands of years, this natural pharmacy has been praised by various peoples for its medicinal and beneficial properties. From ancient Chinese civilizations to medieval Europeans and today's global cuisine... buying fresh ginger is an absolute must if you want to lead a healthy life.

How healthy is ginger?It's actually an understatement to say that ginger is healthy. Yes, of course, we know that this magical herb has healthy properties, but when we put everything in perspective, we're truly amazed. Moreover, many of these benefits are scientifically supported.

Let's list the most important health benefits:

1. Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving:

Some of ginger's key properties focus on relieving pain and fighting inflammation. Think of muscle pain, but also menstrual cramps where the herb can provide relief. Combined with its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is ideal for people suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, or gout. You could call it the root of pain relief.

2. Antimicrobial effects:

Feeling under the weather with a cold or flu? Ginger helps you combat those pesky underlying bacteria and viruses. A cup of tea at the onset of a cold can work wonders.

3. Nausea:

Several studies have shown that ginger is also beneficial for stomach problems. If you're a pregnant woman, nausea might sound familiar. Be sure to check with your doctor if ginger can make carrying your baby bump a bit more comfortable. Ginger's relieving properties can also be useful for motion sickness.

How to consume ginger?

You'll undoubtedly come across capsules, syrups, and other products containing ginger. Ginger is healthy, and the world knows it. But nothing can beat the real and fresh stuff! It's always a guessing game as to which particles and how much ginger are actually processed in these products, so we recommend fresh ginger. However, there are few people who consume ginger pure. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives that bring the beneficial and healing properties of ginger to us.

Classics include the hundreds of dishes, often Asian, that incorporate the herb. Think of stir-fries but also curry dishes like tikka masala. And what about making your own daily ginger shot! Just take some water, add a few slices of ginger. Let it steep for a while. Add a bit of lemon and some maple syrup and drink up. Do this every day to fully enjoy the anti-inflammatory benefits and antioxidants. And believe us, it's delicious too!

Alternatively, you can take warm water and instead of maple syrup, use honey to conjure up your own ginger tea. Want it a bit spicier? Cayenne pepper will do the trick! Add a pinch and enjoy.

Buying fresh ginger

The time when you had to go to the store to buy fresh, healthy ginger is long gone. At Taste Up, they bring fresh ginger to you. A click here, a click there, and the ginger is ready. Be sure to also check out their extensive range of salads, peppers, and edible flowers.

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