I'm not exactly the 'hot' type. And by that, I mean my taste buds, not any less gastronomic matters. I still remember a curry in London with 1 chili on the menu (3 being the maximum). It felt like I spent the next hour flying around like one of the dragons from Game of Thrones. Yet, I do enjoy a spicy touch in my dishes. It's a kind of love-hate relationship. You know you can't handle it well, but you can't do without it. And you can't deny that peppers always manage to seduce you with their rich palette of colors, aromas, and shapes. We'd like to introduce you to some types of peppers: discussing their flavors and which dishes these peppers feel right at home in. No spicy bill here, just a spicy article.

The difference between peppers and bell peppers

Let's get straight to the point by stating that peppers and bell peppers belong to the same family. In many countries, the two terms are used interchangeably to refer to either a bell pepper or a chili pepper as we know them. You could say that a bell pepper is larger and sweeter in taste, while peppers are usually smaller, pointed, and much spicier.

Some types of peppersIt's impossible to discuss all types of peppers in one article. Therefore, we'll focus on some types of peppers that you can also find in our store and are often used in dishes.

1. Jalapeño peppers

Jalapeño peppers are on the milder side. The name probably sounds familiar as they are one of the most well-known peppers worldwide for use in various dishes. From seasoning your minced meat to adding heat to salsas and salads. Jalapeño peppers are also often placed on the BBQ or prepared stuffed in the oven. With Jalapeño peppers, you can truly go in any direction.

2. Scotch BonnetScotch Bonnet peppers

Perhaps less familiar in our list of types of peppers is the Scotch Bonnet. Unless you've visited one of the Caribbean islands because there, this pepper is immensely popular. The pepper is spicy but with a sweet aftertaste. This makes the Scotch Bonnet pepper ideal for use in dishes with fruit, as well as in jerk dishes, sauces, fried fish dishes, and with rice and beans.

3. Habanero

With the Habanero, we bring one of the hotter peppers in our list. To give you an idea of its spicy character: the Habanero is generally 40 times hotter than a Jalapeño. It's also the hottest Mexican pepper. This makes this pepper perfect for that extra spicy sensation in dishes with chicken, in meat marinades, in hot salsas, or in curries. The pepper is available in various colors and should have a nice fresh color.

Various types of peppers at Taste Up

Fresh herbs and peppers are the specialty of Taste Up. A place where, besides Jalapeño, Scotch Bonnet, and Habanero, you'll find many other types of peppers. Take a leisurely look at the extensive webshop and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

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