Lemon verbena tea is made from a super herb. Lemon verbena not only tastes delicious, but it also helps with digestive and stomach problems and aids in falling asleep more easily. Learn more about it in this blog.

What is lemon verbena?

Lemon verbena is an herb from the verbena family and is sometimes called a super herb. With its white flowers, the herb has great decorative value, as well as many culinary possibilities and an intense scent.

The scent can best be described as lemony, hence the name. Another name for lemon verbena is limonetto.

How does lemon verbena taste?

The flavor of lemon verbena leaves is best complemented when paired with fish dishes and also works well in chicken dishes. Thanks to its freshness, the herb can elevate your salads or sweet dishes to a higher level. And of course, you can also make delicious tea with it.

How to make lemon verbena tea?

Take a handful of fresh leaves and let them steep for a few minutes in boiling water, after which you can remove them. Then you can perfectly add some honey or cane sugar. Or even mint, as that combination makes for a delicious warm drink.

What are the health effects of lemon verbena?

If you suffer from stomach and digestive problems, lemon verbena tea may provide some relief. It is an herb that you can use perfectly for a wide range of digestive problems.

For those who have trouble falling asleep or experience restlessness, drinking lemon verbena tea before bedtime may also be beneficial, due to its mildly calming properties.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is lemon verbena the same as verbena?

Yes, it is! Lemon verbena is indeed also known as verbena, and this has everything to do with the Middle Ages. During this tumultuous period of knights and princesses, the herb was used to heal wounds caused by iron weapons. There you have the origin of the name. In addition to verbena, lemon verbena is sometimes also called verveine or verbena.

Is lemon verbena healthy?

Yes, lemon verbena is healthy! Besides being simply delicious, there are many other reasons why lemon verbena is a good choice as a flavor enhancer for your tea. And the list of benefits for your health and general well-being is almost endless. We highlight the most important ones: perfect for stomach and digestive problems, a great help with insomnia or sleeplessness, guards you against depression, anxiety, and stress, and is packed with powerful antioxidants.

In what dishes can you use lemon verbena?

In addition to making tea with lemon verbena, you can also incorporate this herb into many dishes. We especially love this colorful and fresh herb when it's used in desserts and other crazy sweets. Think of lemon verbena in your crème brûlée, as an extra addition to poached summer fruit, or for example in cupcakes or madeleines. Yummy, we're getting hungry already! Surprisingly, verbena also works in slightly heartier dishes like quiches, savory pies, and of course cocktails. Enjoy it all!

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