With violets, you not only add color to your plate but also plenty of flavor. The flower petals are entirely edible, making them a common garnish on pastries or in cocktails. In this blog from Taste Up, you can learn more about them.

What are violets?

From Lapland to the Mediterranean and Siberia, edible violets can be found throughout Europe. There are various types of violets, and as a result, the flower petals can come in various colors, from white and yellow to purple and dark blue.

Despite their beauty, violets are completely odorless. According to legend, violets once had a seductive, irresistible scent. However, whenever people came to smell them, they inadvertently flattened the flowers. Therefore, the violets prayed to God to rid them of their enchanting scent. Their prayers were answered.

Are flower petals actually eaten?

According to data from a study by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, the majority of consumers – about 83% – have tasted edible flowers. And 38% of them see themselves purchasing edible flowers in the near future.

What dishes can you make with violets?

Violets are often used as creative garnishes on salads, appetizers, and starters. The possibilities are endless. The flower petals bring color and an extra flavor to the plate, enhancing the dishes.

The taste of the flower petals varies from spicy, peppery, radish-like, fragrant, and sweet to powdery and soft. Especially the petals with a not too pronounced taste are perfect for garnishing.

You can also find flower petals in cocktails. For example, you can freeze them in ice cubes and then add them to cocktails. You can also make sugared violets with a syrup of water and sugar.

What are the health benefits?

Both the flowers, leaves, and roots are usable for medicinal purposes. Even Hippocrates, one of the founders of modern medicine, wrote about the medicinal properties of violets.

You can use violets as a natural aspirin because they contain glycoside of salicylic acid. Ideal for relieving headaches and muscle pain. Also, those with respiratory issues may feel better after drinking tea made from violet leaves.

If you have swelling, try rubbing violet leaves over the inflamed area. The plant may even help with eczema.

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