For those of us who consider ourselves kitchen princes and princesses, we know what it takes to create a beautiful dish. After all, when it comes to a beautiful dish, what's in a name, it's not just about the flavors but also about the looks. After all, the eye also wants its share. The chance that a dish that looks good will be enjoyed is much greater than when you're presented with a bland plate. In that respect, edible flowers can play an important role. They not only add a spicy or sweet touch to your dish but also look beautiful. Thus, they provide both an explosion of flavor and an explosion of colors. We'd like to introduce you to some edible flowers. From the popular and well-known violet to the slightly less familiar but equally beloved snapdragon.

Edible flowers you can eat

Here are some of our favorite flowers that you can eat. These edible flowers can also be purchased online.

1. The Violet

The great thing about violets is that you can use them almost all year round. Even during colder periods, violets can still be in bloom in your garden. They are a feast for the eyes and also delight your tongue with their sweet character. Violets are popular edible flowers to use in salads or desserts. One tip: don't heat the violet because it will lose its flavor. Eating it raw is the way to go.

2. The Carnation

7 carnations, 7 roses... two perfectly edible flowers, of which we'll now take a closer look at the carnation. When we talk about a colorful and flowery bouquet, there's a good chance carnations are involved. This flower is available in a variety of colors: from yellow to red to purple and blue. Perfect for adding color to your dish. Among the flowers that you can eat, carnations are known for their spicy taste with a sweet touch. This makes them ideal not only in salads but also in Asian dishes and sauces.

3. The Marigold

Just the name alone sparks the imagination. With their bright yellow and orange petals, they immediately catch the eye. Bittersweet... that's the best way to describe the taste of the marigold. Did you know that they're not only used to add extra flavor to your dish or to brighten up your plate? Indeed, marigolds are also used to, for example, give sauces or yogurt a nice color. They sometimes replace the much more expensive saffron. This flower also has healing properties and is used in ointments for skin problems, among other things.

4. The Snapdragon

Snapdragons... a name they owe to the shape they take when you squeeze them. As for their taste, we can describe them as slightly bitter but also fresh and crispy. Some people even recognize a slight anise flavor in them. These edible flowers are generally found in salads. However, try incorporating them into cream cheese or make ice cubes with them.

Order edible flowers online

Each of the aforementioned flowers is not only edible but can also be ordered online via the Tasteup website. In addition to a wide range of edible flowers, you'll also find fresh herbs, peppers, and salads here.

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