Can you eat lavender? Absolutely! Especially in France, lavender is often used as an herb to flavor certain dishes and products. In this blog, you'll learn all about lavender, its taste, scent, and culinary possibilities!

What is lavender?

Everyone recognizes the flowers of lavender by their highly distinctive scent and typical purple color. In the wild, the bushes never grow taller than a meter and wider than half a meter. Lavender belongs to the genus of dwarf shrubs.

The flowers are usually egg-shaped and typically about eight centimeters long. Because lavender has such a pleasant aroma, certain varieties are used in cosmetics, soap, and perfume.

Can you eat lavender?

Yes, indeed, lavender flowers can also be found in the kitchen, mainly in France. You often see the flower petals as an ingredient in Provencal herbs. They are also used to flavor certain dishes and products, both dried and fresh.

However, we advise you to use it sparingly, as the taste can quickly become overpowering. The flavor can be described as strong, fresh, lightly sweet, but also slightly bitter. Lavender is best paired with other herbs.

Buying lavender?

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