The quality of your herbs determines the quality of your dish. Let's explore what to consider when buying herbs in bulk and which supplier, in our opinion, is the best partner in the realm of herbs.

The quality of your herbs determines the quality of your dish. Therefore, it's crucial to find the best supplier for purchasing your herbs, especially if you plan to buy them in bulk. For larger quantities, freshness should be a top priority. Let's delve into what to look for when buying herbs in bulk and which supplier, in our humble opinion, is the best partner in the world of herbs.

What to consider when buying herbs in bulk?

Herbs are a crucial part of the kitchen, adding flavor and aroma to your dishes. But what should you consider when buying herbs? Here are some tips:

  1. Opt for fresh herbs if available. Fresh herbs offer more flavor and nutrients compared to dried ones. Store them in the refrigerator or in a glass of water.If purchasing dried herbs, pay attention to the expiration date and color.
  2. Dried herbs lose their flavor over time and may become dull. Store them in a dark, dry, and cool place.When buying herbs in bulk, ensure they are well-packaged. For example, at Taste Up, you can choose from various packaging options designed specifically for selling herbs in bulk.
  3. Opt for special herb containers or go for airtight variants. You can even add your own logo if desired.Experiment with different herbs and combinations. The most commonly used kitchen herbs are basil, chives, parsley, and thyme. Others include rosemary, sage, lovage, dill, chervil, and more. You can also choose ready-made herb blends.
  4. If you open the packaging of your purchased herbs, store them in convenient jars that are easy to use, preferably with adjustable labels and a transparent reservoir so you can easily see which herbs you have and how much is left. You can also use a spice rack or a rotating tray to organize your herbs.

How to tell If herbs are fresh?

How do you know if herbs are fresh when buying them? It's all about using your senses: sight, smell, and touch.

  1. Look at the color: Fresh herbs typically have a bright, vibrant color, while old or dried herbs are often faded or brown.
  2. Smell the herbs: Fresh herbs have a strong, aromatic scent, whereas old or dried herbs may have little to no smell.
  3. Feel the herbs: Fresh herbs are usually firm and resilient, while old or dried herbs may be brittle or limp.And while we're talking about senses, you can always taste them too. Nothing beats the flavor of fresh herbs!

Buying fresh herbs in bulk at Taste Up

When buying herbs online, it's best to choose a supplier that has proven over the years to deliver quality at the best price. Taste Up is one such company that consistently strives to make a difference when it comes to freshness, hygiene, and quality. Every package of herbs that leaves their door must meet strict requirements. It's no wonder Taste Up also holds various certifications for their bulk herbs. Feel free to contact them to see what they can offer you.

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