Spring is back, and with it comes a resurgence in people opting for fish dishes. But how do you season that fish? In this blog, we'll discuss the best herbs for cod, salmon, mussels, and sole.

1. Cod and Salmon

Why are we discussing cod and salmon together? Because these fish species can be seasoned with the same herbs. And we're mainly talking about the flavorful herbs dill and coriander.

Dill is renowned for bringing out the best in fish dishes. Especially with fatty fish like salmon, dill helps make them more easily digestible. However, be careful never to let the herb simmer with other herbs, as it quickly loses its flavor.

Coriander: you either love it or hate it. Its taste reminds many of soap, while others find it delicious. Either way, coriander pairs well with both cod and salmon.

2. Mussels

With our Belgian mussels, you have a variety of herbs to choose from. Consider the lightly sweet taste of finely chopped oregano leaves. Or delightful, fresh fennel, which has a hint of anise flavor and a positive effect on digestion.

The characteristic, full-bodied, and spicy flavor of thyme also adds value to mussels. Just make sure not to eat the thyme sprigs, as they are very tough. Let the sprigs simmer along, but remove them once you serve the mussels on the table.

3. Sole

For sole, parsley adds significant value. You can even choose between flat-leaf parsley and curly parsley. Compared to curly parsley, flat-leaf parsley has smoother, flatter leaves with a higher water content and a finer, more pungent flavor.

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