In our quest for fresh herbs, it's more important than ever to seek out the best herb supplier available. After all, you want fresh herbs whose fragrant and sometimes floral aromas elevate dishes to culinary heaven. Herbs that are grown, harvested, and packaged with care to offer the highest possible quality to you as a customer. In this article, we'll search for the best herb supplier for fresh herbs in Belgium and also explain why we've chosen this supplier. Because buying herbs from a wholesaler is about more than just a good price.

Taste Up... by far the best herb supplier

For us, Taste Up is the ultimate destination to purchase your fresh herbs. The company from Groot-Bijgaarden has been a green lung in the Brussels outskirts, both literally and figuratively, for 5 generations. Here, everything revolves around quality and freshness. No bruised leaves or shriveled herbs and salads. Instead, you get green gold that is pampered from the moment the seed is planted until it's delivered to your doorstep with love and care, thanks to a fantastic set of green fingers.

IFS food and IFS broker certified

The IFS Food and IFS Broker certifications obtained by Taste Up are proof of their commitment to delivering the best quality herbs to your plate, your shop, or your restaurant. These certifications are only achieved by meeting the strictest requirements in terms of safety, quality, and freshness. Many of their herbs are grown on-site and offered fresh off the press. For the herbs that need to be sourced beyond municipal or national borders, the same stringent quality standards apply. This ensures that you not only have the looks but also the taste on your side.

Customized packaging

Another aspect that sets Taste Up apart as an herb supplier is that they handle the entire production, processing, and delivery process in-house. From the moment the seed spreads its tendrils to the choice of packaging to the herbs finding their way to your doorstep. This way, they maintain full control over the quality of their offered herbs from A to Z. It also enables you to choose a suitable and possibly personalized packaging in consultation with Taste Up. From herb containers in various sizes to vacuum-sealed bulk packaging, there's a solution for every need.

Contact herb supplier Taste Up

Feel free to contact Taste Up and discover what they can offer you as a wholesale herb supplier. The people at Taste Up are happy to brainstorm with you to turn your wishes and requirements into reality.

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