When cooking with or selling herbs and spices, you want to work with only the freshest products. To assist you in purchasing fresh herbs, we'll join you in finding the best wholesale for fresh herbs and spices.

For centuries, herbs and spices have been essential in our kitchens. These flavor enhancers give your dish that extra touch to turn something delicious into something exceptionally tasty. The quality of herbs and spices plays a crucial role in the flavor palette they release. After all, you only want to work with the best, meaning the freshest, sustainably grown, and hygienically cultivated herbs. To assist you in purchasing fresh herbs, we'll join you in finding the best wholesale for fresh herbs and spices.

The best wholesale for fresh herbs and spices

In our quest for fresh herbs and spices, we naturally come across Taste Up. Taste Up is a Belgian company that excels within the Benelux as one of the best wholesalers for ordering fresh herbs and spices online. Let us tell you why Taste Up has that extra edge over other companies:

1. Focus on freshness

Taste Up selects a combination of in-house cultivation and collaboration with reputable herb nurseries worldwide for its herbs and spices. What can be sustainably, qualitatively, and healthily cultivated with us is also grown in the greenhouses of Taste Up. If conditions elsewhere are better for producing the best herbs and spices, the company collaborates with both domestic and international gardens to offer these products to their customers. They consider factors such as climate and demand for specific products. This ensures that you always have a wholesale in herbs and spices where only the best is good enough.

2. Certified and innovative

Taste Up is not stagnant and continuously strives to improve its cultivation programs and products. Additionally, they place great importance on aspects such as hygiene and safety. This results in Taste Up holding the renowned IFS certificate 'Higher Level.' It's a testament that this wholesale offers fresh herbs and spices under the best conditions and with consideration for the needs and desires of its employees.

3. Customized packaging and logistics

Taste Up chooses to fully relieve the customer as a wholesale. This means that if desired, they take care of the entire cultivation, production, and logistics process. From the moment the seeds are planted until the herbs appear in your desired packaging in your store, restaurant, or business. They work with the customer to find a customized solution. Herbs and spices can be delivered in various packaging options such as loose in crates, in foam, in trays with resealable lids, or vacuum-sealed. Personalization is even possible.

4. The extensive range

As a wholesale in herbs and spices, Taste Up offers an assortment that is hard to match. From well-known herbs like thyme, rosemary, and oregano to lesser-known but equally beloved herbs like bronze fennel, red basil, lemon verbena, and lovage.

More than just herbs and spices

However, Taste Up as a wholesale offers you more than just herbs and spices. You can also find fresh salads, peppers, and edible flowers both online and on-site. Feel free to contact Taste Up here and discover what they can do for you.

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