Herb Tray 20g

Herb Tray 20g

This small packaging is ideal for consumers to use at home. The ideal amount to use at home. The resealable tray keeps everything nice and fresh in the crisper drawers of your fridge.

Most used by:
  • Retail
  • Foodbox
  • Export

If it is packed, it stays fresher (less dehydration, better protection against temperature fluctuations, wind from cooling installations) and it is easier to order pick. It also keeps everything 'hygienic'.

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Unique products
A young company with professional and seasoned managers full of unique products that meet the needs of retail, industrial and food service customers.
Totally slipped my mind and I forgot to order something. No worries, together with the TasteUp employees we work on a solution trying to answer your needs and desires.
Tailor made
Taste Up offers a tailor-made service: they are happy to adapting their range to our needs. They have a wide range of products, packaging and weights. Because they import and pack everything themselves, new packaging and private labels are part of the possible deal.
Own nursery
What they can grow better at Taste Up, they grow themselves. Otherwise they go where the sun goes and they import what their customers need. This is clearly reflected in their sensational range of products: high-quality, fresh and tasty.
Are you looking for something new? Taste up is happy to brainstorm with you to suit your needs and requirements. They also regularly add new products to their range.