Jozef and Adèle De Koster laid the foundations for what Taste Up is today. They focussed mainly on the cultivation of salads and other vegetables at the time. These included leeks, chervil, garden cress, parsley, carrots, celery, and so on.

They sold these vegetables at various wholesale markets. This was admirable given that at the time they only had open fields and did not have any greenhouses yet.


Then Pierre and Jeannine Leemans – De Koster were passed the torch. In 1960, the second generation began to build the very first greenhouse. From then on, they grew vegetables in open fields and under glass, as well as in their greenhouse. Their range included celery, lettuce, tomatoes and lamb's lettuce.


from 1980

Johan and Marina Leemans formed the third generation. These innovators began to cultivate herbs. Now chives, tarragon, basil and mint were part of our range. New types such as coriander and dill also made their entrance on our fields and in our greenhouses.


The connection between the third and fourth generation was clear as soon as Jolien and Jorne joined the company. These two generations joined forces together to grow the freshest, top-quality salads and herbs.

These include chervil, rocket, radishes, winter purslane, mint, estragon, lemon verbena, and so on. Taste Up works with external nursery gardens to fulfil demand. We are also Global G.A.P. certified.

Our team is the motor of this family company, while we – the company managers – try to be the oil that greases the machine. We want to work as closely as possible with our team and our products. We aim to provide quality, diversity and flexibility in that way. Satisfying our customers is our mission and passion.



Taste Up specialises in the cultivation of chervil, rocket, radishes and winter purslane. During summer we also have various types of herbs in the greenhouses. We have both the usual types - such as estragon - as well as specialities such as Thai basil and lemon thyme.

By using cultivation programmes aligned with our customers' needs, we are able to supply fresh salads and herbs from our own gardens all year round. Depending on the weather and the demand, we also complete our range with products from domestic and international suppliers with whom we work closely.

We also continually invest in new technologies and methods to further optimise all processes in the nursery such as sowing, climate control and harvesting.


Packaging & Logistics

Goods can be collected or delivered in various types of packaging: loose in boxes, isomo (1kg), packed in trays with flow pack or trays with resealable covers...

All goods are centralised and packaged in our packing areas. Our 'Higher Level' IFS certificate demonstrates that we hold hygiene and safety to very high standards. We also make use of external Quality reviewers for this.

We work to optimise our packaging process & logistics continually by integrating the latest packaging technologies and IT solutions.


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